stationcombientumaimesShe was once the love of my life, and since she studied French in Montpellier, she asked me to visit some of her old friends, in October 2005.

montpellierarcdetriomphe1The Arc de Triomphe in Montpellier. I love university towns, because you’ll find all kinds of people there.

montpellierfacultedesdroitsThe Faculté des Droits, in the Old Town.

montpelliervieilleporteLa Veille Porte.

montpellieruniversity1Montpellier University.

montpellierplacestannePlace St. Anne.

montpellierplacedelacomedieoperaThe Opera, on Place de la Comédie.

montpellierplacedelacomediemarcheMarket on Place de la Comédie.

montpellierplacealbertI2Place Alberti.

montpellierpizzeriadonpepino1Pizzeria Don Pepino, in the Old Town. The owners had the friendliest Labrador.

montpellierhallescastellan3Les Halles Castellan, the indoor market.

irishpubdublinermontpellierThe Dubliner. There are several Irish pubs in Montpellier, and the nice thing about them is that you will find people from all over the world there, many of them being students who want to practice their English. Who need an English Faculty if you’ve got Irish pubs?

irishpubfitzpatrickmontpellier1It says “Maison Justin Boch”, but actually this is my favorite Irish pub in Montpellier, the FitzPatrick.


irishpubocarolansmontpellierIrish Pub O’Carolans



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