Highwoods, Bexhill-on-Sea

Highwoods, Bexhill

We’re still trying to discover the perfect woods to walk our Labrador Boris, so we visited Highwoods in Bexhill, on the map above just about the spot marked as “Gotham”.

Welcome to The Highwoods

Britain’s remaining natural woodlands are disappearing at an alarming rate. They are an asset which, if lost, cannot be replaced.Bexhill has one of the few surviving examples of traditional coppiced woodlands left in East Sussex in the 87 acres (35 Hectares) of the Highwoods. The Highwoods Preservation Society arranges periodic coppicing work.

The Ashdown Brickwork, next to the woods (the white spot on the map) are under threat to be turned into a landfill site. BALI (Bexhill Against Landfill / Incineration) are objecting to the plans.

Since the early 1980’s Highwoods Preservation Society volunteers and others have, under a management agreement with the Rother District Council, safeguarded this local beauty spot and wildlife habitat for the benefit of the public–and the birds, animals  and plants.

Under the agreed management programme footpaths have been widened, drained and waymarked. A horse ride has been cleared and signposted so this long-established public use of the woods can continue without risk to walkers or damage to the area as wildlife habitat. More recently a disabled path has been added.

Overgrown ponds have been cleared and returned to use as a valuable part of the ecology of the woodlands. A dry heath has been cleared of bracken andencroaching silver birch. Regular surveys are taken of wildlife seen in the woods. As a result of careful and planned woodland management their number and variety is rising.

For the benefit of Highwoods Preservation Society members and many other interested organisations, regular conducted walks around the woods are now organised. Local schools also use the Woods as part of their environmental education.

A saw pit in the Highwoods. The woods are designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and the ‘Sessile Oak Coppice’ is said to be the finest in southern Britain.

Regular public walks are given by the warden, and on these walks he is able to point out the wildlife of the woods at that time of the year.

Our boy Boris enjoying a swim in a pool that once was used as a swimming pool by school boys from Bexhill.

If you ask Boris, he certainly wants to come back to these woods.


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