St. Leonards-on-Sea — Warrior Square Station

 Warrior Square Station — view from London Road. The station building and house, still in existence today, were constructed in 1851. Originally named Gensing, the station was built and owned by the South Eastern Railway (SER), and competing London, Brighton and South Coast Railway (LBSCR) trains were not allowed to stop here until December 1870. The two companies maintained separate booking offices until 1923 when they both became part of the Southern Railway. The station is constructed in a narrow valley with higher ground east and west, so that trains arrive and depart either end of the platform through tunnels. This restricts the number of carriages which have direct access to the platform.

Warrior Square Station — front of the station. There’s a big car park at the back.

This is the hole in the ground the trains from London and Brighton are coming from and going to.  One more stop after St. Leonards-on-Sea and you’ll arrive in Sodom and Gomorra, so you better get off here while you can.

Lovely little train station, 10 minutes walk to our house, and there’s lots of parking space for your car.

Arriving here in St. Leonards must be like arriving from hell into heaven if you’re trapped in the rat race, if you’re a yuppie with a tight schedule, if the world’s economy is depending on you, or vice versa.

Arriving in St. Leonards is pretty much like coming home, where the old oak tree is still standing, though the paint of the house is cracked and dry. But it isn’t a dream. It’s real. Here in St. Leonards people are still friendly and relaxed, and no, we don’t have that fast train connection to London, and to be honest, I don’t need it.

Does St. Leonards need to compete with Brighton? Does St. Leonards need a fast rail connection and a motorway connection with London? I say no. We escaped from Brighton, we escaped from a city which is entangled in the rat race, a race we’re no longer part of,  a race that never was ours. If you want St. Leonards to become like Brighton, I suggest you move to Brighton. We love the peace and quiet of St. Leonards.

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