Gensing Gardens, St. Leonards-on-Sea

This is where our house lives nowadays. The ground floor flat in the middle is ours.

View from our bedroom window, overlooking Gensing Gardens.

Thanx! We’ve lived in worse places! (Entrance Charles Road)

Gensing Gardens is a nice place to walk Boris. There are special bins for dog waste everywhere, and it’s very well kept.

On a bright day, and there are many of those here in St. Leonards, you can see the sea behind the playground.

There’s a small playground for children up to 14 years old. This is where the pond used to be.

This beautiful neighborhood reminds me of Kensington Gardens.

Hope you don’t mind if I let the pictures speak for themselves.

Nearly home…

Entrance London Road

The park keeper’s lodge, seen from London Road. I don’t think the park keeper is still living there, because all the work in the Gardens is done by lads from a private company.

Stolidly watchful park keeper in Gensing Gardens

In the background Anglesey Terrace, on the far left the top of our house, in Charles Road. 

The park keeper’s lodge has a wonderful vegetable garden and green house. Private property, of course.

We’re so happy in this new place! 🙂

Gensing Gardens, St. Leonards, 1897.

Gensing Gardens were laid out in 1880. They were a warm and sheltered spot for sub-tropical plants and shrubs, and still need vigilant protection. The garden was purchased by the Council in 1872 and landscaped by the then Borough Surveyor, William Andrews. Charles Road and Anglesea Terrace, which overlook the gardens, were built about the same time.
Little more is recorded on the history of the site.  It has been subject to numerous improvements during the last 10 years.  It is within a priority ward and is a rare and valuable open space within the neighbourhood.

The pond in Gensing Gardens

The pond in Gensing Gardens doesn’t exist anymore. It is now an equipped playground suitable for children up to the age of 14.

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  1. alvira iljas says:

    beautiful place to visit 🙂

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