The Port Area of Nice (2007)

The Port of Nice (also called Port Lympia); a view from the Tour Belanda on the hill called Chateau, which separates the Port from Vieux Nice.
The Port was built in 1672, by Count Amadeo de Castellamonte. It was only a small lagoon at the time. In 1761 the Port was expanded.

Luxury yachts and their owners took possession of the Port and its surroundings. Nowadays less than ten professional fishermen use the Port as the basis for their little boats. 
The airport of Nice is the place where the most fish comes in; from Canada, Norway and Australia.

The Port, with the Chateau in the background. Behind the Chateau is Vieux Nice. 

Huge ferries, like this one based in Genova, Italy, come to Nice daily, to pick up passengers and their cars. 

The Port area, as viewed from the Museum of Contemporary Arts. In the circle: the penthouse apartment of my good friend Jean, from Liverpool. As you can see, the work on the Tramway is not finished yet. 

View from Jean’s apartment, on Mont Gros and the Observatoire. When the weather is good, she can see the Alps and the snow on top of them.

Interesting for me is this detail: the house belonging to the family of my former girlfriend, the Dutch baroness. With Jean’s binoculars I can see the house where I used to stay with her for four months each year, from 1976 to 1984. 
It’s so good to be back here.

I took this picture of the Port area from the Matisse Museum in the Cimiez area.

The beautiful banana tree in the courtyard of Jean’s apartment building. Isn’t life just wonderful?



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