Old Photos of Nice

Nice, Casino Municipal on Place Masséna. Photo taken after 1900, when the electrical tramway was introduced.


Nice, Casino Municipal, Place Masséna, and Les Nouveaux Jardins. You can see that the Paillon River is only covered from the sea to this bridge.


Paillon River with the washing women, doing the laundry for the hotels on the left. The quay on the right was called “Quai MacMahon”, after a French general with Irish ancestors. Now it is called Boulevard Jean Jaurès.


Quai des Etats-Unis, the former Quai du Midi. In the background the Palais de la Jetée-

Promenade and Hotel Negresco.


Palais de la Jetée-Promenade


A street in the Old Town (Vieux Nice). It can’t be Rue Rossetti, because the house at the end and the curve were never there.


Monument Gambette in Avenue Gambetta. We live just around the corner, but the monument has long gone, because it was in the way of traffic.



Nice – Promenade des Anglais with Hotel Negresco. Nowadays no-one ever will walk here in winter clothes like these.   


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