Nice – Rue Rossetti & Place Rossetti (2007)

Looking down from the escaliers on Rue Rossetti.

Cars are a drag in Vieux Nice. They get stuck in the narrow streets and need to seek their way out through the pedestrians zone. 


We’ve arrived on the corner of Rue de la Croix.

I found this painting of Rue Rossetti on the art market in Place du Palais. The building on the right corner of Rue Droite is the same as the one in the pictures below.

Right on the corner of Rue Rossetti and Rue Droite you’ll find my favorite hangout: O’Hara’s Irish Pub, the only Irish owned Irish pub in Vieux Nice.

Jacky and Alan, the owners of O’Hara’s pub, are good friends, and their pub is the hotspot of our little “family” of expats and friendly locals.

You’ll probably find me at the third table, right next to the entrance, sipping my pint of lager, until late in the evening, enjoying the fresh air and the company of nice people.
Tourists are walking by all the time and we try to figure out where they come from, by the way they look and the way they talk. British tourists, white as a milk bottle, women in dresses that were originally designed to be very ugly curtains, can be spotted from a mile.
If a nice French woman flirts, she must be coming from Paris. 

We’ve almost arrived on Place Rossetti, an extremely busy square, full of terraces. Johnny’s Wine Bar has a small terrace too. Johnny is a nice guy from Vancouver, Canada. He was a busker (street musician) when he came to France many years ago, and he still plays the guitar in his bar.

Place Rossetti and the Sainte Réparate, on a Saturday before lunchtime. I live right behind this church.  In a few hours it will be crowded until late at night. 

Place Rossetti, looking up Rue Rossetti and the Chateau. 

This little square next to the Sainte Réparate is actually part of Place Rossetti, but it’s called Place de la Halle aux Herbes. 


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