Nice – Quartier des Antiquaires – Village Ségurane

In the Old Port of Nice (Port Lympia), on the Western part of the port, you will find the Quartier des Antiquaires.


There are many antique shops in this cozy neighborhood, but today we will focus on the Village Ségurane and Les Puces de Nice.


On the outside, here in Rue Antoine Gautier, the Village Ségurane looks like any other antique shop in the neighborhood. But don’t get misguided by the façade.


If you walk along Rue Catherine Ségurane towards the sea, you will find another entrance.



While the Flea Market on the Cours Saleya in Nice (every Monday) is turning more and more into an ordinary tourist trap, the Village Ségurane in Nice still is a chic haven for those in the antique market.

Old linen, china, “objects de curiosité” — the Village Ségurane offers a wide choice for hunters. At the heart of the Old Port Lympia, this jewel is an atypical flea market. More than forty-two shops are spread in a small maze of alleys.


Village Ségurane is known as the aficionados’ flea market. “Many Niçois people have forgotten about this flea market in the heart of the city. For them, the district is confined to antique stores in nearby streets,” says Véronique, owning shop Nr 16 in the Village.


The magic of the place is to offer very diverse goods at all times. The concentration of these professionals in the antiques and flea market business makes each specialism between them complementary, guaranteeing a wide range of skills and knowledge.


“The objects we find here are all things with a great history and tell us a great deal about the know-how of the past,” says Véronique.


“The Village Ségurane has been an effective way to revitalize the neighborhood and bring back those who have left the place because there was no work,” she says. Proof of this is an “open house” in the weekends during spring. A wonderful opportunity for locals, as well as tourists to (re)discover the work of the great craftsmen from the past.


Flea Market Village Ségurane. Rue Antoine Gautier, Rue Catherine Ségurane, (Port de Nice). Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 am to 18 pm.


Further down to the port, only a minute’s walk from the Village Ségurane, you will find Les Puces de Nice, another gathering of antiques and brocante shops.


If you’re into antiques and brocante, this is a place you could easily spend an hour or two without getting bored for a second.


The shop keepers are friendly and relaxed. Most of them speak English.


There is a slight chance, however, that the Vermeer painting in this photo isn’t the real McCoy. Or it might even be a real McCoy.


And to be honest, I’ve got my doubts about the Van Gogh too…


You never know what you will find in Les Puces de Nice – experience the adventure!


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