Nice – Quartier de la Providence (2007)

We’ll start our little tour of today under the colonnades of Place Garibaldi, then walk to Rue Sincaire, Place St. Augustin, Ruelle St. François, Rue de la Providence, Place Ste. Claire and Rue Guigonis. 

All kinds of restaurants under the colonnades of Place Garibaldi. 

There’s a fruit and vegetables stand too and I’m sure they’re great, but too expensive for me.

This is a place to go if you have money to spend. 

I know someone whom I really would like to invite to eat oysters with me here, with a nice glass of chilled Chablis or Pouilly-Fumé. 

However, since she’s not coming, I might as well join the French Foreign Legion, here in Rue Sincaire.

Rue St. Augustin.

Centre Culturel de la Providence.

Rue St. Augustin, looking back.

Ruelle St. François.

Rue du Four.

Ruelle St. François, with a view on the fishmarket on Place St. François.

Rue Guigonis, a beautiful court. 

Rue Guigonis once more, from another angle.

Rue Juan Nicola.

The Randelly Steps. 

View on Rue Ste. Claire.

Rue des Serruriers.


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