Nice – Les Ponchettes (2007)

The Plage des Ponchettes, in the Baie des Anges (Bay of Angels). The Mediterranée in all its shades of blue.

If I’m on the beach, you will probably find me near the poste de secours. Showers nearby, toilet nearby.

To be able to relax here and to get into the sea, you’ll need (at least) a bathing mat, a thick bathing towel and a pair of bathing slippers.  The pebbles are not exactly fun to walk or sleep on without those attributes.

After you’ve been swimming, you need to shower, to get rid of the salt.

French, American, Italian, Scandinavian, Russian people on the beach. It’s nice to listen to all the different languages and accents. Italian families need less space than others. They will sit right next to you.

Airplanes with new tourists are landing every minute on Nice Airport, the second busiest in France. You can see the airport right next to the guy with the towel.

Sometimes the sea is very calm, and then little boats from the city of Nice will come to clean the water and get rid of litter and jellyfish. Quite effective, because I didn’t run into these buggers so far.

And sometimes the Mediterranée can be a bit rough. There’s always a flow and the breakers dash against the pebble beach.

Another breaker throwing you on the pebbles…

and dragging you back into the sea, so the game repeats itself.

It wasn’t very hot today, only 26°C, so a lot of people came to the beach.

Quite exceptional really, these crowds on a Friday afternoon. Normally you will only see this on Sundays. However, it’s August.


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