Nice – Gambetta (2008)

Recently I moved to a new neighborhood, 5 minutes walk from the beach, 10 minutes from the central station, 15 minutes from Vieux Nice.

The Jardin Alscace-Lorraine is a nice little park, on the corner of Boulevard Victor Hugo and Boulevard Gambetta, and my street is right next to it.

This side of the park is a rather residential area, quite peaceful too, while the boulevards on the south and the west are extremely busy.

Only five minutes walk to the beach; boulevard Gambetta direction south.

Looking to the north: boulevard Gambetta, my little park, the railway viaduct, the Voie Rapide, and the Alps.

Since centuries Nice has been the favorite holiday resort for Russians. This is the Russian Cathedral in Rue Tsarewitch, off Boulevard Gambetta, and there’s a Russian Church in Rue Longchamps.  

In my neighborhood you can find Russian stores, Russian restaurants, and many Russians who’s families live here since generations, or only moved here recently.

This is “Gastronomy Nissa”, a Russian snackbar and foodstore.

Halal butchery Selim, in Rue Dante. Gigi is a nephew of the owner, and he works for his uncle as a butcher. His father is Tunisian, his mother is Italian, and every year he goes on holiday in Cuba.

When more and more Russians came to live in Nice, the Ashkenazi Jews came to join them, because of the cultural similarities. For the same reason the Sefardi Jews followed them, and they in turn attracted the Arabs, also because of the fact that they had cultural things in common. Now this is a neighborhood where you can hear French, Italian, Russian, Arabic, and Hebrew, and occasionally some English, Swedish or German.  

This is the K’Gel Supermarket, where all kinds of people, not only Jews, buy their kosher food and wines. The local Casino supermarket, however, also sells matzes, kosher wine, memorial candles, falafel (or ta’amia), etc.
A friendly young man in front of the Synagogue asked me not to take photo’s, because of security reasons. The Synagogue is a rather nondescript building and the Jewish community isn’t particularly keen on attention. Quite understandable, because the political party of Jean-Marie le Pen is still quite active here in the south of France.

All in all this is a nice multicultural area to live in, and I feel at home here. But I still visit Vieux Nice every day, and my local (Irish) pub is there.

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4 Responses to Nice – Gambetta (2008)

  1. Ruth Lake says:

    Hi Jack, Im renting now and looking to buy in Nice and sent some info to my brother in California (Im from teh USA though Milan based for many years) as he has studied urban planning, is in IT and has an apt in Paris, asking his opinion on an apt on Ave des Fleurs. Among other websites, he sent me your blog, apparently you are somewherre in the Gambetta neighborhood and just wanted your take on the Ave des Fleurs street, this place is a few hundred meters after St. Philippe. Do you like living in the area? I am interested in a multicultural area, proximity to sea and airport.

    • Hi Ruth,
      Yes, I lived in the Gambetta neighborhood. It has a Parisian atmosphere, not too many tourists though, and it’s close to the beach and the Promenade des Anglais, where you’ll find the bus stop (the nr. 98 takes you straight to the airport). However, Avenue des Fleurs is closer to Rue Chateauneuf, where you can take the nr. 99 straight to the airport. This part of the neighborhood is called basse Gambetta, which is more fashionable than haute Gambetta, north of the railway and the Voie Rapide.
      Gambetta is certainly multicultural. In haute Gambetta you will find many Arabs and some Portuguese, Vietnamese and Chinese, while in basse Gambetta most foreigners are Italian, English, American, Japanese and Russian. Arabs and Orthodox Jews live here in peace and harmony, and you can buy halal and kosher food.
      I loved to live there, and as soon as I move back to Nice I will certainly want to live there again.

      Good luck!


  2. Mike says:

    So where are you now Jack? Once I get something solid here (Nice) I need to address the UK situation … not need, but would like to. Read you were in St Leonards-o-s which has morphed into Brighton? If you are around and want a coffee to discuss then let me know!

    • I moved from Nice to Brighton on October 2010, then from Brighton to St. Leonards in April 2011. In July 2011 I moved to Holland, so I don’t think a coffee is within the possibilities. Please let me know if there’s anything you need to know about Nice.

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