Nice – Fête du Chateau (2008)

On Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th July, 2008, we celebrated the 63d anniversary of the Fête du Château in Nice.

The program of the feast is divided in “Les Debats”, about all kinds of political problems, usually in the afternoons, and “Les Concerts”, of several bands, which take place from about 8.30pm.

The ambiance of the Château, high on a hill of the municipal park built on the remains of an old castle, which was destroyed in the 1760s, is perfect for a feast like this.

Every local branch of the PCF, the communist party of France, is present with a stand on social issues.

The public is listening to political debates, or takes part in.

The feminist communists are also present. I didn’t see one pair of dungarees though.

This is the stand of the Young Communists. It’s good to see that young people are still enthousiastic when it comes to fair division of wealth and better circumstances for the working classes.

While a band is having a sound check, people are playing football.

One of today’s political debates is about the Palestine question.

“Our solidarities are much stronger than their egoism.”  I like that phrase.

People are relaxing, enjoying themselves.

These veterans must have seen bigger crowds in the 63 year old history of the feast, but they also are having a good time.

This band is getting ready for the show. It was quite late the first night, one euro for a nice glass of wine is very affordable, and we had a lot of those, so we call it a day.

One more look on Nice and the Bay of Angels before we leave the Château. The beaches are still packed, the weather is beautiful, it was a wonderful feast. Thank you, PCF!

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