Nice – Carras Plage (2009)

Next to the airport Nice – Côte d’Azur the first beach you will find is Carras Plage, right behind the gas station. Actually Carras Plage is devided into the Carras Basin, where people can launch their small boats, the Pétanque field further up, and the Site de la Lanterne.

Site de la Lanterne is the only place in Nice where you can let your dog walk free on the beach and let him swim. On all the other beaches dogs are forbidden, or only admitted when they’re on the leish. Although some people, usually locals, may complain when you come to Site de la Lanterne with your dog, because they finally found a place without tourists, don’t let that keep you from letting your dog run and swim, because this is THE official place he may do so. People without dogs can go elsewhere, you and your dog can’t.

My boy Boris, who’s already had a swim before I could get my camera ready, is waiting for the tennis ball.

And there he goes, fetching it.

Boris brings the ball back, waiting for me to throw it again.

What a power! So much energy!

And bringing the ball back once more. This goes on for hours…


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