Monaco (2008)

View on the monstrosity that’s called Monaco. Most people working here are living in France, and most of them are working here without a contract, getting minimum wages.

The stairs to the old town of Monaco.

So many tourists come here, a lot of them from Italy and the United States.

View from the old town of one of the ports.

The royal palace in the old town of Monaco.

The old town itself is not unattractive, but crowded with tourists and very small.

One souvenir shop after another.

View of another port.

Space is scarce in Monaco, so the buildings are high, and the price of property even higher.

The old cathedral.

Everywhere in Monaco you will find these signs, with photographs of Princess Grace walking in the old town, visiting in the port, whatever.

A rather nice street downtown.

Down in the port: here you can drive a Ferrari for € 85,- per 10 minutes, if you want to take a passenger with you, it ‘ll cost you € 45,- extra.

These sad little motherfuckers fell for it. When they’re back in ten minutes, some other sad little motherfuckers will be waiting for their turn.

A swimming pool in the port, 20 yards from the Mediterranean Sea.

A museum in the port. Let’s visit it.

I don’t like all the work of Kees van Dongen, but I love this one.

Before returning to Nice, let’s have a drink at the Quay des Artistes. Service: excellent. Prices: very reasonable.

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