Haut de Cagnes (2008)

Cagnes sur Mer is just 13 kilometers from Nice, so we took the bus and got out at Cros de Cagnes. On our way to the old town on the top of a hill, the medieval quarter called Haut de Cagnes, we passed this open sewer, that seemed to be a river.

Thousands of trouts trying to get upstream.

We walked all the way uphill, but you can take the free shuttle from the bus station in Cagnes sur Mer. It goes every 15 minutes.

We’re not quite there yet. Maybe we should have taken that bus?

Narrow streets lined with pebbles, with its typical old stone weathered by time – it really starts to look medievalish here…

There they are, the church and the castle!

The castle (Chateau Grimaldi) is also a museum. Many famous artists lived in this village and found inspiration: Renoir, Modigliani, Soutine, Fujita, Yves Klein, Georges Simenon, but also Brigitte Bardot, Suzy Solidor, Georges Ulmer, to name a few. Haut de Cagnes still attracts painters and sculpturers.

With a bit of fantasy you can see the knights on their horses.

View from the castle square.

Typical Provence. How I love this country!


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