Garbage Collection in Vieux Nice (2007)

Today, August 15th, is a national holiday in France: Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Assomption). The garbage collectors have a day off.

Garbage collecting in Vieux Nice starts with the plastic bags you get in the shops, when you buy groceries or clothes. You save the bags to collect your garbage.

In almost every street in Vieux Nice you will find these garbage depots.

You just drop your daily garbage in one of the containers or boxes.

This is the garbage depot across the internetcafé of my good friend Omar. The building is a homeless shelter, closed between 8am and 8pm, and all kinds of people use it as a toilet. You can actually smell it from across the street.

Big garbage trucks wouldn’t be able to operate the narrow streets of Vieux Nice, so they use these small trucks. 

Containers are emptied, that’s it. Maybe tomorrow someone will come to clean the depot. 

The street sweeper has no orders to clean the depot, he just sweeps streets. He’s kind of confused when we decide to clean the depot ourselves.

Even smaller trucks for streets where the small garbage trucks can’t come. This (electric) truck tows containers from the depots to the central garbage depot.

The central garbage depot in Vieux Nice, on Place Saint François, next to the fish market. From here the garbage is moved by big trucks to the city dump. I don’t think separation of garbage is a priority in Vieux Nice. 


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