Discovering Brighton (2010)


No, we’re not living in Brighton proper, but in Hove Actually, which is part of Brighton and Hove. Hove Actually is a bit more posh than Brighton. From our street, St. Aubyns, we can see the Brighton Pier, but it’s quite a walk to get there. 


This is Brighton Pier.

Quite close to it you will find Warung Tujuh, an authentic Indonesian restaurant. We celebrated my birthday there on November 3. Great food, lovely atmosphere!

Sunday morning, a gigantic carboot sale in the parking lot of Brighton Marina. Interesting stuff, not really overpriced.

Somewhat to the North of the centre you will find the Laines – a nice area with laid-back people and all kinds of little shops.

This is my favorite street in the Laines – Kensington Gardens. It reminds me of Carnaby Street in the sixties and the Camden Lock area in later years.

Brighton Railway Station. If you want to know what a city is like, you visit the station areas. Drugs and prostitution usually thrive there. The closest thing I found near Brighton Station was a dirty book shop without windows, called “Taboo”.

More interesting to me is this store: the Taj. I love to cook Indonesian and Chinese food, and this store in Church Road has quite a good assortment of Asian ingredients, especially fresh vegetables and halal meat and poultry.

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