A Day in the Provence (2010)

When you’re living in the Alpes Maritimes, the Provence seems to be part of it.


It was a great day to visit the Provence. Officially Nice is not part of the Provence, but of the “Comtea de Nissa”, so we have to go northwest to actually be in the Provence.


And the Provence is different. The Provence has many landscapes, many faces.


Today we’re visiting Castellane and Lac de Sainte Croix.


The town of Castellane is named after this huge rock on the bank of the river Verdon. Castellane is on the famous Route Napoleon.


The Verdon river in Castellane. Bathing in summer, white water rafting in early spring.



Castellane is a very touristy place.


Another thing that might keep you away is that at least 30% of the tourists are Dutch.



Let’s forget about the tourists. Castellane is a nice little Provençale town.


Some people are staying here on camping sites for more than three weeks – every year.

We had seen it all after an hour (including lunch).


We’re on our way to Les Gorges du Verdon. The landscape is impressive. It doesn’t make you believe in a god, but you sure want to find out more about geology.


The Verdon river, finding its way through the gorge.


What a beautiful country this is…


Deep below us flows the river.


Soon we will reach Lac de Sainte Croix.


And there it is: a beautiful turquoise lake!


(Reason for these trips are that we want to enjoy as much of the country before we move to Brighton. When we come back to Nice we may not have the car with us.)




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